NOTE: As of the last sim, this league was under the minimum 50% capacity. Invite your friends to join MyFootballNow to keep this league alive! Then send them to this league to become the owner of a team! The league will expire at 10/07/2020 8:00 am.

Hall of Champions

2026 Morgantown, WV

2026 Champion


2025 Baton Rouge, LA

2025 Champion


2024 Palo Alto, CA

2024 Champion


2023 Berkeley, CA

2023 Champion

Guy Debord

2022 Auburn, AL

2022 Champion


2021 Austin, TX

2021 Champion

Guy Debord

2020 Greenville, SC

2020 Champion

Guy Debord

2019 Miami, FL

2019 Champion


2018 Knoxville, TN

2018 Champion

Guy Debord